Tinita is all about her roles as a wife, mother, writer and speaker. Tinita earned her BA in Media Studies with a concentration in Print Journalism from Penn State University and MA in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University.

She has worked in Corporate America, was a print News Reporter, freelance Reporter, contributed for various publications, and has played an active role in community service and awareness in her hometown of Hampton Roads, VA, and during her time in Altus, OK.

Being a military wife is what took Tinita and her family from Hampton, VA  to small town, Altus, OK, then St. Roberts, Missouri.

Tinita’s husband is Ronell, Sergeant in the Air Force, also described as her best-friend and partner in everything she does. Tinita and Ronell have two amazing sons and a daughter, Trenton (better known as Trent), Ryon and Torrie. They bring a lot of added adventure and joy to their lives.

“There are no perfect parents, no perfect children, no perfect life, but there is pure and true love, there is passion, there is purpose, there is the desire and effort to get it right more than we get it wrong, and that is what our family is built on,” says Tinita.

While living, writing, and speaking from the heart, Tinita takes great pleasure in having the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.

As she is committed to her personal growth, and the content she puts out, she is equally committed to sharing her experiences and knowledge.

Tinita has contributed for Six Brown Chicks at Chicago Now, Everything Girls Love, and blogs at BlogHer. She has also written for ACHI Magazine, 757 Lifestyle, N’Digo, and I-Fathom Magazine. The list of publications to which she contributes content is continuously growing.

Tinita has performed spoken-word and spoken at countless events over the years. Tinita also had the honor of speaking on the Colgate Total Panel at the Road to Essence Tour, MD 2014 hosted by Essence Magazine.

She is always excited and ready to book spoken-word and speaking engagements, and have an opportunity to connect with the audience she stands before.

poetry at Lupus Walk    Road to Essence, Colgate Panel





Tinita loves working and partnering with brands and organizations that promote the same things she cares about.

Fun things to know about Tinita:

Tinita is passionate about children and education. She loves children books and is currently in the process of publishing her first children’s books dedicated to her sons and daughter.

Tinita also enjoys being a photographer and having the opportunity to capture beautiful life moments.

She loves reading, cooking and trying new recipes, and may be accused of having a slight obsession with scoping out and buying pretty journals to add to her collection.

“I love the freedom in being creative and expressing myself in different ways, and I love even more when I can share my craft and inspire others,” said Tinita.

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